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Leverage the power of real-time data to make informed decisions, increase profits, and maximize efficiency.
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Run your business with real-time data solutions

Our comprehensive suite of tools empowers professionals at all levels to make informed decisions, streamline operations, and achieve their business goals with confidence.
Optimize my practice with,
GPN Analytics is the ultimate practice analytics solution for eye care professionals looking to optimize their practices, streamline operations, and drive revenue growth.
Boost Your Revenue
Highlight your best options for improving your bottom line.
Save Time
Monitor your practice KPIs in minutes, not hours.
Make Informed Decisions
Manage products, plans and personnel with data
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Get a custom solution with,
Custom-designed tools and dashboards to help you meet your business goals, monitor rewards programs, track market share, and empower your sales team.
Monitor Program Compliance
Critical for share-based reward-for-performance programs.
Turn Reps into Consultants

Empower your team to coach their territory accounts directly.
Measure Multiple Locations
Build success with easy convenient tracking on your objectives.
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Optimize specific data sets with,
Get a custom data set around the metrics you need most. Explore the possibilities in research, reporting, and industry analysis with point of sale data from tens of millions of transactions.
Fine-Tune Product Positioning
Tailor your initiatives based on current consumer behavior.
Understand Product Life-cycle
Uncover the details of your product performance at every point.
Anticipate Consumer Demand
Get out in front of industry changes with real-time POS data.
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• January 3, 2024
A legacy of dedication

About GPN

GPN Technologies was founded in 2007 with the mission of empowering eye care businesses to be profitable and competitive by making high-tech, business-critical analytics tools accessible and meaningful at every level of the industry.
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