Our Story

In 2007, two practicing partners from Queens, NY were pursuing entrepreneurial ventures to help optical business owners realize additional profits. A friend introduced them to another forward-thinking professional who was building a consulting business while exploring the potential of on managing business using data. The rest, as they say, is optical history.

From that chance meeting, the biggest data technology company in our industry was born. More than a decade later, GPN Technologies is providing data that helps elevate and optimize business efficiency and profitability at every level , from manufacturing to independent practice.

Our Mission

GPN has continued to focus on the health of eye care businesses. We’re invested in making your business a success, and creating new opportunities for ECPs to overcome challenges, build revenue, serve their patients better, and develop world-class teams.

Our Impact

Our analytics tools have completely changed the way practitioners view and understand their business information and how they make decisions about their practices. We have continued to expand and hone our platforms to help practitioners succeed and thrive in an increasingly competitive, fast-paced marketplace.

Our Culture

Innovation, outreach, and excellence are the foundation of our corporate citizenship. We believe that our core values should not only reflect the type of products we provide, but also the environment we want to inhabit as people.

GPN has always focused on creative problem-solving, inside the company and out. Our technology solutions are groundbreaking – we have been pioneering the application of data in our field since we started – and our .philosophy of continuous improvement is true in our workplace as well.

We’ll never stop making things better.

Our Leadership

C. Edward Buffington

President & CEO

Evan Kestenbaum

COO and Co-Founder

Katie Lauver

VP of Business Relations

John Parowski

VP of Technology

Joshua Ponsano

VP of Finance & Administration

Ryan Salter

Director of Development

Cheryl Moore

Director of Operations

Jamie Mott

Director of Accounting

Cathy Firman

Director of Customer Success

Yvonne Pelkey

Director of Training & Education