Make Smart, Profitable Decisions

EDGEPro helps you capitalize on the missed opportunities in your practice improving your bottom line.

Simplify Your Management Tasks

EDGEPro is a huge time saver, helping Eye Care Professionals understand
what’s impacting their business quickly and with accuracy.


Customize Your Dashboards

Find Lost Opportunities

Manage Frame Boards

Track Staff Performance

Analyze Plan Profitability

Customize Your Dashboards

Track the metrics that matter most to you.

Keep your priorities straight with a customized dashboard. Select and arrange the metrics you most need to see so that your results in key areas are always front and center.


Create multiple dashboards


View by week, month, quarter or year

Find Lost Opportunities

Maximize your efforts and your revenue.

Target the areas that will contribute the most to your bottom line with our opportunities dashboard. We’ll help you get the best return on your initiatives by highlighting the metrics that will yield the best results for your practice revenue.


Set goals by metric


Compare results by team member

Manage Your Frame Boards

Finally! Manage your frame brands and inventory for maximum profit in just minutes.

Drill down into your patients’ favorite frames, brand revenue, and turnover rate with just a few mouse clicks.


Filter and sort columns to view performance


View by patient out of pocket or list price

Track Staff Performance

Your staff is key to your sales success.

See performance in add-ons like AR and photochromic. Compare average lens sales and progressive percentages. All the information you need to manage a great team in one spot.


View top performing team members

Analyze Plan Profitability

Which plans are working for your practice?

Now you can see those mission-critical results with just a few mouse clicks. Total revenue, number of exams, capture rate, even sales figures. One screen gives you dozens of important metrics for Managed Vision Care Plans.

Practice Like a Pro

With EDGEPro and our team of experts, you can reach your goals faster, saving you time and money.

Improve Your Profitability

View your revenue opportunities and take action, improving your bottom line faster with less wasted effort.

Be More Productive

EDGEPro allows you to stay informed with your business, allowing you to do more without sacraficing chair time.

View Your Progress

See what’s important to your business by creating a customized dashboard with the metrics you want to track.

Leverage Our Professionals

Our team of experts will help keep your business moving forward with our semi-annual business reviews.

EDGEPro Features


Maximize Revenue

Bring more cash into your practice by targeting your best revenue-generating opportunities.


Manage Multiple Locations

Easily isolate a single office, compare multiple locations side-by-side, or view combined results.


Drive Profits

Knowing which initiatives and products work best in your practice means you can make choices that drive profits.


Track and Compare Staff

Your staff and doctor productivity is key to your profits. Track and compare them in minutes.


Email Notifications

Never miss another trend shift. Email snapshots, weekly or monthly, keep you on top of your critical KPIs.


Evaluate Vision Plans

View your vision care plans side-by-side so you can see exactly which plans work best in your practice.


Access Anywhere

Cloud-based reports render on any device. Now you can manage your practice from anywhere.


Benchmark Your KPIs

With EDGEPro Rankings, find out where you are - leading the pack or running behind - on key metrics.

Stay Connected

You need an analytics system that works – when, where, and how you need it to.

EDGEPro is built for busy professionals who want to bring their A-game to business management.


EDGEPro uploads your data every night, so your KPIs are always up-to-date and ready to use.


Your reports are easy to read and understand. If you want to print and share with your team, that’s easy, too.


EDGEPro is designed to work well on any device. That means you can check your numbers anytime, from anywhere.


EDGEPro is the gold standard for industry analytics. Across the country, thousands of locations rely on EDGEPro to inform their management decisions.

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Staff Incentives


Safe and Secure

We are passionate about security. With EDGEPro, you never have to worry about accidental exposure or abuse of sensitive information.

HIPAA Compliant

We observe all the requirements of the Health Information Portability Act, and we thoroughly train our staff as well. 

Industrial Grade Encryption

Our encryption is industry-standard for your protection. We undergo regular reviews, as well as third-party testing of our security protocols.

Secure Partnerships

Because we work with your PMS, as a certified partner, you never have to worry that our software will negatively impact your EHR system.

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